How to Prepare for Moving Day with Kids and Pets

Moving out of your home is a big step, not only for you, but for your children and pets, as well! It is important to realize that everyone handles change differently, and, depending on the age of your children and pets, some may take it better than others. If you are getting ready to move and are not sure how to handle the process with your kids and pets – we have got you covered! Check out some of our tips on how to help your kids and pets cope with the moving process, and how to get best prepared.

For the kids:

  • Be as upfront and honest as possible. Make sure you let them know why you are moving, and exactly where you will be moving to. Keep your conversations uplifting and encourage them to get excited about the move. The earlier you approach the topic, the more time they will have to digest it and ask the questions that they need to!
  • Get them involved in the process. While you are in the process of packing everything up, get your kids involved so they feel special and valued. Allow them to help with the house hunting and help them pack belongings. You could even make a day out of helping them choose what color to paint their new room, and how they should decorate it!
  • Explore the new area with them. Before the move-in day, explore the new area you will be living in with them so that they know what to expect. Showcase the positive aspects of the new area, including any fun playgrounds or parks as well as any activities they can get involved in.

For the pets:

  • Make a trip to the vet as soon as possible. Head straight to your vet to ensure that you have all of the latest paperwork related to your pet’s health. This is also a good time to discuss with your vet whether your dog may need any medications to cope with the change, or air travel if they will be spending time on an airplane. The earlier you make the vet appointment, the more seamless the transition will be when they transfer over to their new vet.
  • Get a sitter for move-in day. Move-in day is chaotic, and your pet will already feel uncomfortable being in a new environment. Make it easier on yourself and them and hire a sitter or drop them off at a responsible daycare for the day to keep them out of the craziness.
  • Get their toys and belongings ready. When your pet enters their new home, make it as comfortable for them as possible with their toys and belongings already laid out for them. This will offer them a sense of familiarity and will make the transition easier for them!