Tips on Weeding and How to Get Started

Spring is in session and it is time to clean up your landscape after the long, treacherous winter that it endured! When it comes to cleaning up the landscape of your home, in your front and backyard, you will need to take a look at your lawn and plants to find those nasty weeds that will pop up as the weather becomes warmer. It is important to catch these weeds early on, as many can carry diseases that can spread to other plants that are nearby them. And, from an aesthetic standpoint, it is always good to be on top of your weeds for the general look of your home’s exterior!

Weeds can be found in several different places outside of your home, including the borders of the soil, on patios as well as on paths up to your doors. Weeds can also be found sporadically throughout your yard, seen as plants such as dandelions. You can choose to weed in a variety of different ways, depending on how early on you have caught the weeds and how severe they are. These different ways include fertilizing and watering, weeding by hand as well as using herbicides, if necessary.

When you are fertilizing and watering your lawn and plants, you need to ensure that you are not doing it too little or too much. If you water frequently, it can help to get rid of weeds while keeping your plants and lawn fresh, green and healthy. If you choose to weed by hand, first and foremost, ensure that you have gloves! You can spot out weeds and pull them out by hand but be sure that you are pulling them up by their roots so that they do not regrow. As a last resort, you can use herbicides, but do your research to make sure that you are using herbicides that are safe for the type of lawn that you are growing. And, use it carefully so you do not kill other plants!