House Hunting Tips: Top 5 Things to Look For

House hunting is an extremely exciting time, especially for first-time homebuyers, but it can also feel overwhelming and stressful if you do not go into the process with a set game plan of what you are looking for and what you need when it comes to your new home. There are a lot of different variables that go into choosing the perfect home for you and your family, so you must be aligned on what it is you are looking for before you begin the house hunt. Here are some important key factors to keep in mind when you are searching for your home and deciding what it is that you are looking for:

  • Location. You may find the perfect looking house, but it could be in a location that is not convenient for you or that you just do not like. Think about the location in which you want to live, including what you want to be nearby. For example, if you have a favorite grocery store, would you prefer to be walking distance or a 10-minute car ride away? Also, ensure that the neighborhood is somewhere that seems comfortable and safe to raise a family, if you have children or are planning to.
  • School system. Speaking of children, if you have them or are planning to, you must investigate the school system of the prospective location of your new home. Make sure that it has a good reputation and provides what you are looking for, whether it is public or private schools.
  • Perks of the home. Everyone has a few perks that they would like to be included in their home. Do you prefer multiple full bathrooms? Would you like a pool in your backyard? Think about what the perks you would like to have may be, and your realtor can help you to narrow down some different locations which include some, or all the perks!
  • Interior. When you are looking at the interior of the home, check out how many updates you would need to make to it, if any at all. It is important to know how much you have budgeted out for any re-modeling, or if you are looking to move into a home that is immediately ready to live in.
  • Curb appeal. First impressions are everything, and curb appeal has a lot to do with that. Check out the curb appeal of the home and see if it aligns with what you had in mind. Does the landscaping need a lot of work, or need to be completely redone? This is something you should keep in mind as you are looking at different options.