Fun Holiday Crafts to Get You in the Spirit

If you are looking for some last-minute ideas on how you can get your family into the holiday spirit, look no further! We have put together some of our favorite Christmas-themed crafts that are not only fun and easy for children, but are fun for adults, as well! Holiday crafts are a great way to get the family together for some wonderful memories, but also a great way to embellish your home with sentimental décor! Here are some ideas on how you and your family can get festive and crafty:

  • Gingerbread Houses/Men. Depending on the age of your children, a great way to get crafty (and enjoy some delicious sweets) is by making and decorating gingerbread men and/or houses! If you bake gingerbread men, simply lay out some different colored frosting and different holiday-themed sprinkles and begin your decorating! While gingerbread houses tend to make for a bit more work, the joy of a finished gingerbread house is worth the time! Gingerbread houses can be made homemade, or purchased as a put-together kit, which will include all the candy you will need to make a beautiful (delicious!) house! 
  • Snow globes. A favorite for many children is homemade snow globes! Figure out what type of figurine you would like to place in the middle of the globe, and glue and place it inside the lid of a jar. Next, fill your jar with water and add a few teaspoons of glitter. Screw the lid onto the jar and your snow globe is complete!
  • Beaded snowflake ornaments. This craft is perfect for families who are looking for some cute, sentimental ornaments to hang on their tree year after year. All you will need for this craft is wire snowflake forms, beads, string or ribbon and some pliers! After putting beads on each of the wires, simply take your pliers and bend the end of the wire to ensure that all the beads stay on. Once each end of the snowflake is filled with beads, tie your string or ribbon to the top and hang from your tree!